Whitney the Wrathful

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is only a decade older than me, but that really seems like a lifetime in some ways. We have a different philosophy in life. I’m not particularly suspicious of people’s motives. Perhaps I’m naïve, but I tend to give most folks a pass on what they do. She doesn’t, and makes her feelings about what Bobby Brown was up to abundantly clear in her 1999 song, “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay“.

Everything that Whitney complains about, has a perfectly reasonable explanation.

    • “Cause only two of you had dinner; I found your credit card receipt”

So, she’s snooping through the credit cards, and just because he only paid for one other of his buddies, she’s assuming he’s running around on her. Maybe they got separate checks?

    • “So why did 213 show up on the caller ID?!”

Well, Whitney, maybe one of his friends who is now of 54th street lived in that area code at some point and transferred his phone number as permitted by law. Maybe it’s a cellular phone? Maybe he’s using a VOIP service, or Google Voice, or something.

(Of course, Whitney left him because he was abusive and had drug troubles… but still… she’s not very trusting. The fact that she turned out to be right does undermine my complaint somewhat, I will agree.)

I never actually watched the series done with Bobby Brown and his family. I knew before I saw it that it would be an unpleasant train wreck.

That said, he did do a song for Ghostbusters II. “…they were throwin’ a party for a bunch of children, when all the while the sign was under the buildin'” Genius! As brilliant as the meta-irony of Alanis.

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