The Devil’s Lipstick

I took this photo, recently, of a “dog stinkhorn”, a member of the Phallaceae family of mushrooms. These mushrooms are notorious for their hideous stench and rather naughty appearance.

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4 Responses to The Devil’s Lipstick

  1. Calophi says:

    This is what used to grow on our lawn:

    We didn’t get the fleshy limp ones like you. We got red swollen dog wang.

    • admin says:

      These started out as serious canine dingus but became flaccid very quickly. In the meantime, they left me feeling awkward and a little inadequate.

      • Calophi says:

        I sent your picture to my mom and she said:

        “Oh, see now his are different. They look more like mutinous caninous. They have that cap on the end whereas elegans is more the circumsized version. You may quote me on that. 😉 “