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TestNG Confusion

I love me some TestNG, yes I do, but recently it went completely haywire on a test… java.lang.AssertionError: Expected :null Actual :null at org.testng.Assert.fail(Assert.java:89) at org.testng.Assert.failNotSame(Assert.java:485) at org.testng.Assert.assertNull(Assert.java:421) at org.testng.Assert.assertNull(Assert.java:410) at com.comapny.tests.SimpleTest.testExpectedNull(SimpleTest.java:31) Expected null, actual null? Well those look the … Continue reading

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Recursive Descent Parsing

Early in the development of computers, programming languages were simple, and were converted into a machine usable form using a parse tree. Let me give you a little context. Related Posts:TestNG ConfusionBash Hints: Redirecting StdErr to StdOut“Microsoft Small BASIC” is … Continue reading

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“Microsoft Small BASIC” is not actually bad

I recently started looking at Microsoft Small Basic. I realize that folks who have known me for a long time will be shocked and horrified that I would consider a Microsoft product, since I probably should be trying to teach … Continue reading

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WordWhirled (Part 3)

I couldn’t leave it alone. I just couldn’t. I’ve tried. Believe me, I’ve tried. However, my love of words won’t let me. How can the inhabitants of that most literate of worlds, WordWorld, live knowing that at any moment their … Continue reading

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The Glory And Wonder of HTML5

The more that I learn about modern web development and HTML5, the more I am feeling like the web can complete with RAIs that I have been developing in tools like Qt. I really hope Adobe is taking a good, … Continue reading

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Programming: adding today’s date to a static web page

Stick this snippet into the code for your page. JavaScript: The Good PartsJavaScript: The Definitive Guide Related Posts:“Microsoft Small BASIC” is not actually badHandy Range ClassTestNG ConfusionMaking Oracle find the span of a yearRecursive Descent Parsing

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