Rethinking Adric

I have been rethinking Adric lately. I don’t mean a complete 180 on my thinking, but rather a refinement. Perhaps he isn’t the utter tool I originally believed, but rather that he is in it entirely for the Lulz.

I have had friends tell me that Adric isn’t so bad and I should give him a second chance. I have always held him directly responsible for the death of the 4th Doctor. In the finale of Logopolis, it is when the Doctor looks down at his companions below that he makes the decision to let go of the telescope and fall to his death. I have always felt that he couldn’t tolerate one more moment with his current companions. His persona at the time couldn’t stomach cold-bloodedly pushing them out into the vacuum of the continuum, so perhaps he felt that his next regeneration could handle it better. It was practically suicide.

Adric was smart. He earned his gold star in maths. I think he did it all for the lulz.

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