keine 2 Liter Wasser

I’ve always suspected, but not really bothered to get confirmation, that you didn’t need to drink the glasses and glasses of water that some folks recommend. In fact, there is a lot of evidence that links the bottled water companies with folks saying that you need to guzzle it. The food you eat contains a considerable amount of water, and coffee, tea, soda, and just about any other water-containing liquid counts.

If you don’t mind nearly limitless foul language, Penn & Teller effortlessly debunk a lot of the bottled-water nonsense.

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3 Responses to keine 2 Liter Wasser

  1. Calophi says:

    I love Bullshit. Such a great show. I like to stream it through Netflix.

    I’ve always thought that if you weren’t thirsty you shouldn’t be forcing yourself to drink water. You’re probably getting enough water from your food.

    I do want to note that I refuse to drink the tap water in Horsham. It tastes like absolute ass. I drink tap water pretty much everywhere else – Trevose, Levittown, Croydon, Lansdale, etc.

    • admin says:

      Even though it tastes like ass, it is almost certain to be safe. That’s the usual objection that folks give to tap water. Taste is another matter, there’s some tap water that is just… yeck!

      As for thirst, that’s my understanding too… as long as your urine is relatively light and you’re not thirsty, you’re fine, as far as I know.

  2. blackfog says:

    Another thing to consider is that the EPA (who regulates tap water) and the FDA (who regulates bottled water) have different standards. The EPA’s is more stringent.

    That being said, how much more stringent and how much this affects water safety is something I haven’t researched.