Joomla! vs Drupal vs ExpressionEngine vs…

The world of CMS tools is a huge and confusing mess. I have experience with WordPress, obviously, but not much with the tools geared towards other sites. I am hoping to restructure another of my sites to use one of the newer CMS tools. I am tending towards Drupal, since I know other folks who are using it, and I know the implementation language, PHP. Does anyone else have any suggestions or ideas for what the best CMS would be for a mostly static site (pictures, text, video — newspaper articles and such) + blog?

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2 Responses to Joomla! vs Drupal vs ExpressionEngine vs…

  1. Super20 says:

    I stumbled across this one: and it looks promising. Added bonus is it’s python.

    • admin says:

      This deserves closer study. My blogging is not really podcast/vidcast geared, though. At least, it isn’t yet.