Git In Here!

If you are still using subversion, quit it. Seriously. It is like trying to do version control in handcuffs and without fingers. In my hobby coding, git has saved my butt so many times I can barely count it. I branch and branch and branch with abandon, and can trace the entire thing with no serious effort. The notion of “staging” changes versus just doing huge blocks of change also delights me. Please, check out this article to get you started. Writers, designers, and anyone who works with files at all, should take heed.

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2 Responses to Git In Here!

  1. blackfog says:

    Still loving Mercurial as my SVN replacement (and better for cross-platform VC).

    • admin says:

      To be fair, git sucks on anything but unix. If you have to be cross platform, Mercurial is where it is at. (And, quite honestly, until you get into deep, deep magic, there’s not a substantial difference between them.)