My kids like trains, although they aren’t so fond of Thomas. They absolutely love
Chuggington, which is good because I do too. A world populated by trains and
humans, living in harmony, each doing their jobs. However, it is hard to describe why
it is so cute. The animation is great and the characters are a lot of fun… there
seems to be no dark side.

But, there must be one.

What other possible “-uggingtons” could exist in the world? I gave it some
thought and took advantage of computers being able to chew through dictionaries like maniacs. “Bug” shows up a lot, sadly, and there are probably more English words that I missed; still the list should be pretty comprehensive.

City Notes
Bedbuggington Don’t stay in any of the hotels here. It’s quite itchy.
Buggington Creepy and crawly
Debuggington A programmer’s worst nightmare.
Druggington Another place to avoid, don’t drink anything
Duggington It used to be Diggington, until V4.
Earpluggington WHAT? HUH? SAY WHAT?!
Firebuggington Burn, baby, burn! “All because of a wee little girl and a can of gasoline…”
Firepluggington Dogs of the world, unite!
Huggington Probably the most loving of the -uggingtons.
Humbuggington Bah. What happened to the workhouses? No Christmas here.
Jitterbuggington Let’s Dance!
Juggington ICP’s homebase, Faygo consumption is high
Ladybuggington More bugs, imagine giant red and black spotted busses.
Litterbuggington Filty, cesspool of a city.
Luggington Wheels? We don’t need them!
Muggington Part of the trifecta of crime with Sluggington and Thuggington.
Pluggington Press junkets are the rule.
Puggington Another dog haven.
Ruggington It is not called a carpet.
Shruggington Eh. Whatever.
Shutterbuggington Freedom of the press and Flickr!
Sluggington BOOM! In your face!
Smuggington We’re not just arrogant, we’re smug.
Snuggington Along with Huggington, a delightful place.
Thuggington You lookin’ at me?
Tuggington Can you give me a hand?
Unpluggington No internet, no motorcars, not a single luxury.

Learning Curve Chuggington Interactive Wilson

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