Get With The Program DirecTV!

I have been a DirecTV user for years, particularly back when they had DirecTivo units. Those rocked! When they dropped Tivo, I moved to Comcast, since they were supposed to be bringing out Tivo units. Then DirecTV announced they were going to be bringing out Tivo units, so I went back.

Now, apparently, they won’t be released until sometime in 2011. Previously it was 2009, then 2010. C’mon, DirecTV, get with the program!

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2 Responses to Get With The Program DirecTV!

  1. Donny Brooke says:

    I quit DirecTV when I found out who owned them:

    • admin says:

      Liberty Global? I know it used to be NewsCorp, but I thought they spun it off to Liberty and then spun off DirecTV itself.
      Honestly all these companies are so incestuous that it is hard to get media from someone who is not controlled by someone else.