Final Thought: Mad Money

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This is the innaugural post in my “Final Thought” category; so named because at the time clicked to create the post this was the thought I had. Now, it is obviously my penultimate thought, but, whatever.

I have been thinking about the nom de rap, or stage names of various rappers. Some of them, I really like, such as Nas, I like because it reminds me of Network Attached Storage. Others, like LL Cool J, I dig because they actually are acronyms. Others are just cool, for instance, Rakim, who is able to rework his name in various ways to fit his rhymes.

The one that caught my eye today was Chamillionaire, the stage name of Hakeem Seriki. Initially, I thought, “That’s awesome! His very name implies millions and millions of dollars!” The thought faded quickly, though, when I realized that someone could one up him easily with Chabillionaire, or go straight to the coup de grâce with Chajillionaire. I’m sure there are trademark lawyers preventing it, but I wonder if those larger denominations occurred to him?

I’d be stuck with Chahundredaire. FML.

The Sound of Revenge

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