Facebook: The trouble with “like”

I don’t really like everything that I “Like” on Facebook. Not really. It isn’t that I’m lying to myself, it is just that there’s no other option. The choice isn’t binary either. If there was a “Dislike” button, I would use it.

“Like” can mean, “I totally agree”, but it can also mean, “I enjoyed this entry”. Sometimes, someone will post about a horrible experience they had, and all you can do is “Like” it because you understand. But, you aren’t saying you like the horrible thing that happened to them, just that you have empathy. This is easily misinterpreted, though, and leads to lengthy explanations in the comments.

I really want two additional buttons. One, the obvious “dislike” and the other “WTF”. The latter could just be a query-mark icon but it would allow me to express my confusion at some insane post by an equally insane poster. There’s a lot of that on Facebook. A lot of it. It is the reason sites like Lamebook exist.

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One Response to Facebook: The trouble with “like”

  1. Calophi says:

    There are extensions and such in browsers that add dislike buttons that allow other users of said extensions to see the counts, but they aren’t very practical.