My computing career started out with a fantastic 8-bit micro, the Radio Shack Tandy Color Computer I. It totally ruled, and I learned all of the fundamentals of computing from it. It had a Motorola 6809 CPU and 16K of RAM.

The largest criticism levelled at the machine was the keyboard. People completely hated it. The style was called “chicklet” (as opposed to chick-lit, which is something else entirely) after the small chickle-based gum that has been popular over the years.

MacBook Pro vs Tandy Color Computer I

MacBook Pro vs Tandy Color Computer I

This has irked me for years, because I found there to be no problem with that keyboard. Now, Apple has adopted that design for their MacBook Pro machines and their new wireless keyboards. People are raving about what a great keyboard it is, even PC makers are now adopting the chicklet keyboard.

Good for them. My enjoyment of the chicklet keyboard is vindicated. It also confirms what I have always known; my old CoCo was ahead of its time!

Pictures courtesy of:
Tandy Coco thanks to Bilby.
Mac Keyboard thanks to DeclanTM

You can buy a MacBook Pro here, if you’re inspired: Apple MacBook Pro MC371LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop

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