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The Path to Faith

Ahhh… science… On the perceived conflict between science and religion, how pondering the imponderable can be a path to faith: There once was a man from Trinity, Who took the square root of infinity. The number of digits gave him … Continue reading

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Get With The Program DirecTV!

I have been a DirecTV user for years, particularly back when they had DirecTivo units. Those rocked! When they dropped Tivo, I moved to Comcast, since they were supposed to be bringing out Tivo units. Then DirecTV announced they were … Continue reading

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Final Thought: Mad Money

This is the innaugural post in my “Final Thought” category; so named because at the time clicked to create the post this was the thought I had. Now, it is obviously my penultimate thought, but, whatever. I have been thinking … Continue reading

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