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NitrOS-9 System Calls

I have been mucking about with NitrOS-9, the current version of OS-9, rebuilt for the 6309 CPU. I became curious about the system calls it used, and specifically how often those system calls get called. I ran a shell script … Continue reading

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My first dalliance with variadic templates

I just hacked together some code that I believe folks will find useful. It takes advantage of c++11’s variadic templates. You can use it to say something like: I wrote it in response to code I’ve had to write which … Continue reading

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Rethinking Adric

I have been rethinking Adric lately. I don’t mean a complete 180 on my thinking, but rather a refinement. Perhaps he isn’t the utter tool I originally believed, but rather that he is in it entirely for the Lulz. I … Continue reading

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TestNG Confusion

I love me some TestNG, yes I do, but recently it went completely haywire on a test… java.lang.AssertionError: Expected :null Actual :null at at org.testng.Assert.failNotSame( at org.testng.Assert.assertNull( at org.testng.Assert.assertNull( at com.comapny.tests.SimpleTest.testExpectedNull( Expected null, actual null? Well those look the … Continue reading

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A Handy Tip

If you have a RocketFish 90W Universal AC adapter for your laptop and you have a Gateway NV7309u, then the correct tip appears to be 32. They do not have this combination listed in their documentation, so I had to … Continue reading

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The Path to Faith

Ahhh… science… On the perceived conflict between science and religion, how pondering the imponderable can be a path to faith: There once was a man from Trinity, Who took the square root of infinity. The number of digits gave him … Continue reading

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Works On My Machine

In a similar vein to my last post, John Grueber suggests the following label be added to software so that folks know that it did work when you tested it. Related Posts:No Related Posts

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Top 20 Programmer Replies

I don’t have a source for this, it is in my old “humour” files. “That’s Weird…” “It’s never done that before.” “It worked yesterday.” “How is that possible?” “It must have a hardware problem.” “What did you type in wrong … Continue reading

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I’ve noticed that when I’m down, I invariably start using liquid Dr. Bronner’s soaps instead of the bar kind. My favorite Dr. Bronner bar is lavender, but it doesn’t compare to liquid Peppermint. See, Dr. Bronner was this guy who … Continue reading

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Miracle Fruit

Unlike beans, the musical fruit, Synsepalum dulcificum is the “Miracle Fruit”. It alters the way foods taste to seriously jack up the sweetness! I was asked about it recently, and sadly haven’t tried it yet. Although I can’t talk with … Continue reading

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