I’ve noticed that when I’m down, I invariably start using liquid Dr. Bronner’s soaps instead of the bar kind. My favorite Dr. Bronner bar is lavender, but it doesn’t compare to liquid Peppermint.

See, Dr. Bronner was this guy who lost his wife, went blind, and then had this revelation where God told him to create the perfect soap. And he did. At least, I think the soap rocks… not just because it’s great soap, but because of the psychotic rants about how the only cosmetics you need are this soap and enough sleep, and being clean will unite the whole world in a single faith created on the foundations of the Moral ABC.

Now, I don’t buy all of that, but it’s a fun read, and the soap leaves my all of my parts feeling keen and tingly. All of them. That’s the peppermint oil, I suppose. Anyhow, check out the website, they’ve got the labels for all the soap for download. Not only that, but it’s made with hemp oil. I mean, they call the guy “THE POPE OF SOAP”, how can you beat that?

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