A Capella Molto Bella

The human voice can totally blow one’s mind. Back in the day, beatboxing was a common way of adding a sound using one’s voice. Here’s my homie, The Human Beat Box, with The Fat Boys in the early 80s.

The development of sampling technology allowed rock pioneer and technologist, Todd Rundgren, to use only his voice as an instrument, processed by an Emulator sampling keyboard, to produce the 1985 album, “A Capella”. Here’s a song from it.

Finally, now, with realtime looping and sampling, beatboxers can refine their art by beatboxing against themselves, and singing/rapping/playing more parts than their mouths would normally be able to produce. Guitar players do this as well with sampling pedals. Here is an example of that technique:

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2 Responses to A Capella Molto Bella

  1. Calophi says:

    I’ve always liked the beatboxing flute player.

  2. Jose Fritz says:

    I own the soundtrack for Disorderlies on LP. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disorderlies