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codeigniter: trivial memcached library

Here’s a little library I’ve used a few times to access memcached from codeigniter. Related Posts:CodeIgniter: Scalar Variable Attachments

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Amazing Musical Video Hackery

This requires little in the way of explanation other than to say that what people are doing with video editing and youtube clips is positively amazing. Related Posts:Come To DaddyA Capella Molto BellaCommodore SID examples #1How Not To Play AC/DC’s … Continue reading

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TIL: Linux kernel hackers should check linux-next

If you are new to linux kernel hacking and following along with one of the tutorials, something that is not mentioned as far as I can tell is that you should check the linux-next branch of the git tree to … Continue reading

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Ciara needs to hang around with different boys

So, I was listening to Ciara’s hateful misandristic epic, “Like A Boy”, and I realized that if that is her idea of how boys behave, she needs to hang around with different boys. What’s the deal… she calls them and … Continue reading

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A Capella Molto Bella

The human voice can totally blow one’s mind. Back in the day, beatboxing was a common way of adding a sound using one’s voice. Here’s my homie, The Human Beat Box, with The Fat Boys in the early 80s. Related … Continue reading

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Perl -p is the sweetness

A handy trick for programming perl is the -p flag. This tells perl to surround your code with: If you have a file with state names and 2 character codes, like “DE:Delaware”, you could convert that into SQL insert statements … Continue reading

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Recursive Descent Parsing

Early in the development of computers, programming languages were simple, and were converted into a machine usable form using a parse tree. Let me give you a little context. Related Posts:TestNG ConfusionBash Hints: Redirecting StdErr to StdOut“Microsoft Small BASIC” is … Continue reading

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“Microsoft Small BASIC” is not actually bad

I recently started looking at Microsoft Small Basic. I realize that folks who have known me for a long time will be shocked and horrified that I would consider a Microsoft product, since I probably should be trying to teach … Continue reading

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YouTube just Rick Roll’d me!

I signed up for the HTML5 trial, and was impressed when I started seeing videos showing up with WEBM and HTML5 in the controls. Imagine my horror when I discovered that the new “Save as…” feature redirects to “Never Gonna … Continue reading

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Phoronix has done an interesting thing, they have used the LLVMpipe driver to run a bunch of OpenGL code on a recent Gulftown GPU. Check it out, here. Related Posts:PAT and MTRR

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