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What is Quiz #2: Given Celebrity Names

What are the birth names of the following celebrities? Toni Basil Iggy Pop Jason Alexander Fred Astaire Related Posts:No Related Posts

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I like taking pictures and I like the look of thistles, so when I find a blooming patch of Bull Thistles (Cirsium vulgare) staring me in the face, then my camera gets to snapping. I was going for a woods-walk … Continue reading

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Handy Range Class

In my tradition of putting useful snippets of code up, this is a range class that I have found useful. Given two comparable values, it can do things within the min and max range. I’m sure it can be improved, … Continue reading

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Final Thought: Mad Money

This is the innaugural post in my “Final Thought” category; so named because at the time clicked to create the post this was the thought I had. Now, it is obviously my penultimate thought, but, whatever. I have been thinking … Continue reading

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Defending Qt

Yesterday, byuu posted a blog entry expressing his disdain for Qt. I was surprised at this, since Qt totally rocks my world and has for a very long time. I fell in love the moment I first used it and … Continue reading

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J. G. Quintel @ CalArts

CalArts is notorious for being responsible for a lot of extremely bizarre animation. Many of the students from there have created fantastic, traditionally animated films. Many of them also end up working for Cartoon Network. J. G. Quintel, whose name … Continue reading

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The Glory And Wonder of HTML5

The more that I learn about modern web development and HTML5, the more I am feeling like the web can complete with RAIs that I have been developing in tools like Qt. I really hope Adobe is taking a good, … Continue reading

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Virtualization: Does my processor support AMD-V or Intel VT?

I am putting this here so I have an easy time finding it next time I need it. Why couldn’t Intel and AMD just call it ‘virt’ or something that is easier to remember? Just put that in a shell, … Continue reading

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The Virtues of a Programmer

According to Larry Wall, the creator of Perl and owner of one of the world’s most impressive moustaches, a great programmer is a paragon of three virtues. What Larry calls virtues are considered by most world societies to be vices. … Continue reading

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Programming: adding today’s date to a static web page

Stick this snippet into the code for your page. JavaScript: The Good PartsJavaScript: The Definitive Guide Related Posts:“Microsoft Small BASIC” is not actually badHandy Range ClassTestNG ConfusionMaking Oracle find the span of a yearRecursive Descent Parsing

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