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Linus on Git

Linus Torvalds talking about Git. Why he created it and what it does. I, as readers know, am shamelessly in love with Git. For everything. Related Posts:Git In Here!Virtualization: Does my processor support AMD-V or Intel VT?Git thee off subversion!

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Git In Here!

If you are still using subversion, quit it. Seriously. It is like trying to do version control in handcuffs and without fingers. In my hobby coding, git has saved my butt so many times I can barely count it. I … Continue reading

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Git thee off subversion!

I have often talked of an aversion to subversion with my geekly pals. I have not found the killer reason for them to leave it behind and join the delight that is git. For me, the reason was merges, which … Continue reading

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