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Whitney the Wrathful

Whitney Houston is only a decade older than me, but that really seems like a lifetime in some ways. We have a different philosophy in life. I’m not particularly suspicious of people’s motives. Perhaps I’m naïve, but I tend to … Continue reading

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Git In Here!

If you are still using subversion, quit it. Seriously. It is like trying to do version control in handcuffs and without fingers. In my hobby coding, git has saved my butt so many times I can barely count it. I … Continue reading

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Get With The Program DirecTV!

I have been a DirecTV user for years, particularly back when they had DirecTivo units. Those rocked! When they dropped Tivo, I moved to Comcast, since they were supposed to be bringing out Tivo units. Then DirecTV announced they were … Continue reading

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The Waitresses will never get a tip from me

Why did these folks form a band? I know they’re new wave, but every song I’ve heard from them annoys me. “I know what boys like…” I mean, really… do boys like them? They also have a Christmas song that … Continue reading

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Copyright needs fixing!

ArsTechnica has an article describing how current copyright laws are affecting the ability of libraries to keep copies of works. Many of the media we use are slowly being replaced by new and different media but the material is not … Continue reading

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